[MSX] One Chip MSX Ver.MM (AKA "OCMC") - Case Finished by painkilla

Shining metal logo MSX

...looks great to me.

PCB produced by Mr. M.M


Case designed & produced by Mr. Frogboy73



  • 지나가던나미후니 2013/02/07 13:57 # 삭제 답글

    여기서 보니 더 멋집니다.^^*

    저도 Special Thanks하고 싶어요... ㅠ.ㅠ;

    (잘 지내시죠? ^^*)
  • painkilla 2013/02/08 00:43 #

    넵 덕분에 잘 지내고 있습니다. ^^* 새해 복 많이 받으시고요 ^^

  • 2013/02/28 01:00 # 삭제 답글 비공개

    비공개 덧글입니다.
  • painkilla 2013/02/28 15:18 #

    As of this time, things are just like what you think.
    It feels so sorry that i shouldn't live up to you guys' expectations.
    Anyway, love MSX and have a good day~!!
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