[MSX] ALL NEW!! Micro OCM in the cartridge (AKA "M-PACK") by painkilla

All output goes to TTA 24 pin connector 

External tranfer cable will be arranged soon.

PCB artwork & pictures by MM

Produced by MM


  • Pentarou 2013/04/16 06:36 # 삭제

    What does the MSX slot connector do? Power and I/O or something more?
  • painkilla 2013/04/19 06:25 #

    Reserved for future use?
    As of now, it works as a connector for ROM cart.
    Simple 2 slots are needed.
  • Pehr 2013/05/07 16:17 # 삭제

    where do I buy this?
  • painkilla 2013/05/10 22:20 #

    Sorry, out of nowhere on earth.
    Don't expect buy one outside o' KOREA.
    It is intended just for club members only.
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