31 / 15KHz RGB SWITCHER board FOR X68000 by painkilla

Connect 31KHz regular PC LCD monitor and SONY trinitron pro monitor at the same time to your X68000 (ACE, EXPERT, SUPER, XVI) 

RGB output switches between 2 monitors automatically according to the sync signal changes  (31 kHz <--> 15 KHz.)

Above short video clip shows how two monitors work by turns.

You can play with X68000 without dedicated X68000 2 mode monitor.

And you can also play X68000's arcade games with bigger sized CRT screen like PVM-20L2 SONY trinitron professional 20 inch monitor,  if you have one.  This is spectacular.

Especially, games like Street Fighter 2, Final Fight, Strider, Daimakaimura ...  from CAPCOM become easy to deal with, because they start from 15KHz RGB output and with normal PC monitor you can't see these low res game screen (this is little bit annoying so far.)

This board directly attached to X68000's RGB ports and gets power from "IMAGE IN" ports. 
Simply plug board to back of your X68000 and ready to go.  
R, G, B, C-SYNC signal comes from the 4 RCA connectors for SONY trinitron PRO monitor(PVM, BVM series etc...)

MSX compatible 8pin RGB cable is also usable for RGB and mono sound.

This is a new version board layout.
(indicator LED moved for easy check)