Today, I'm gonna show you how to install JOYMEGA circuit

in the 8BITDO M30 wireless joypad receiver for Megadrive/Genesis

in a orderly way.

You can install JOYMEGA circuit by wiring 5 wires.

Simple, huh?

Do it at your own risk,

I'm not taking the fall for you.

This MOD. void warranty of your M30 joypad.

As you can see,

there is a torx bolt used to lock the receiver.

You need a proper driver bit for this.

I found this torx driver bit in my cheap driver kit.

you may get one easily at any electro shop near your place.

like this....

ebay link: click

Inside the receiver.

This is way sophisticated.

Patterns are so small and narrow

It is almost impossible to recognize the signal patterns with your bare eyes.

So, I suggest some tricky way to put some wires on this small PCB.

Remove solder from solder pads just like this picture (D-SUB pin No. 7, 8, 9)

with desolder pump or solder wick.

(Pin No 6 is not used)

Split solder pads  like in this manner

with stationary cutter or something like that.

Slash about 10 times, gently but firmly,

and it'll be done.

You may use multi-meter to double-check bisection.

For reference,  
this is the JOYMEGA schematics.

Wiring is simply following this schematics,

and pin 7 signal from MD joypad (Select signal) is inverted by 74LS04

and goes to D-SUB pin No.7 (to MSX)

That's all.

So follow next step.

By splitting 3 solder pads,

there ars 6 areas like this picture.

We'll call those area A,B,C and area 1,2,3  from now on.

The first 2 steps are...

wiring A and 3

and wiring C and 2 (later)

Put some solder at the area 2 and 3 (for soldering convenience)

also put some solder to the side of the area C.

This is for sturdy bind of D-SUB connector.

Solder way thick wrapping-wire to area 2, (because area 2 is GND, thick wire is better)

and solder thin wrapping-wire to area 3.

Try not to touch the pins of small chip at the right.

Solder the opposite end of this thick wrapping-wire to the area 3  like this picture.

Remove some solder mask (green coating), using stationary cutter blade or something like this.

74LS04 would be placed like this later 

and the pin No.7 is going to be soldered to that coat-removed point.

Remove No, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 pins by sharp nipper

These pins are not used.

(just for preventing short-circuit)

Now solder a wrapping-wire to area B 
solder another wrapping-wire to area 1

Solder wire from area B ----->  to pin No.1 of 74LS04

Solder wire from area 1 ----->  to pin No.2 of 74LS04

Solder wire from area 3 ----->  to area A

Solder pin 7 of 74LS04 to that coat-removed area.

Now flip PCB,

and solder a wrapping-wire to the pin No. 5 of D-SUB connecter.

(VCC pin, circled area)

solder the opposite end of this wrapping-wire(from D-SUB pin No.5) to the Pin 14 of 74LS04

Soldering is done.

Now test short-circuit between VCC(+5V) and GND with your multi-meter.


Now, Joymega 4 button mode works fine.

X68000 2 button game works also fine after this MOD.

Do it at your own risk,

I'm not taking the fall for you.

This MOD. void warranty of your M30 joypad.

Thank you.

- painkilla -


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